Are you drinking alcohol too much?


“i started drinking cider with my mates for a laugh but then i felt so stressed at college that i wanted to drink every night.”

Many  people  drink alcohol when they are with family or friends as they feel it helps them to relax or they go on nights out and drink alcohol to help feel more confident. But this is only meant to be done in moderation.

Drinking in moderation simply means drinking the correct number of alcoholic units for your age, size, gender; so that you don’t suffer from being unwell.

Drinking too much alcohol can  give you a hangover and make you feel sick, tired, dehydrated and depressed. It can change the way you may normally think and you may do things you might regret, like have unwanted and/or unprotected sex. Are you drinking alcohol too much?

Lots of people can enjoy drinking without it causing them any problems. But some people use alcohol as a way of distracting them from problems that make them feel unhappy and can get addicted to it. The reasons we drink too much are often linked with our mental health.

  • When you drink double the amount below all in one session it’s called binge drinking, and it’s bad for your health as well as your safety.

(If you are 16 or 17 years old the guidance suggested by the Chief Medical Officer is that you shouldn’t exceed the guidelines above more than once per week) 

Because many people use alcohol when feeling stressed, it’s important to find  other ways to relax. These may include exercise, taking breaks during your day and making time for activities you enjoy like  spending time with family and friends, listening to music, reading,  or going to watch a film.

If you want to chat online with someone about anything that’s worrying you click here to use the Childline chat that works like MSN messenger. This is for young people up to and including 19 years old.

Are you drinking too much?

• Are you drinking because you’ve  got problems at college or at home? Look other sections of this website and try to solve these.

Remember, it’s ok to say no.

Is your friend or a family member drinking too much?

  • Try to help them to understand that they’ve got a problem and get some help.
  • Remember that they have to want to reduce the amount that they are drinking- you can’t do it for them.
  • Visit ADFAM who support anyone who is affected by somebody else’s alcohol misuse.


Below are different local and national services that can offer you support. They are a mixture of helplines, websites and places in your area that can help.


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