Are you using Substances or Misusing Drugs?


When you are  young it is normal to want to have new experiences. Many young people are curious about trying  drugs, even though they know they are bad for them, but people want to try them for a new experience.

Trying new things, for example cigarettes,  is part of growing up. Maybe you’ve started smoking because you’re stressed at work or college. Or you might have tried drugs, like cannabis, because your friends have too.

The trouble is, that drugs have a very negative effect on our mental health and can make people feel anxious, panicky and/or depressed.  Feeling flat or depressed may make you want to take drugs to feel that “high” again  but then a cycle can begin.

If you want to chat online with someone about anything that’s worrying you click here to use the Childline chat that works like MSN messenger. This is for young people up to and including 19 years old.

If you know exactly how these things affect you, you’ll be able to make a decision about stopping using them. Click here for a fantastic guide, called the Truth About Drugs. It has loads of information on a huge range of drugs and how they can affect you.

Drugs affect people differently, but they can harm your body and mind so that you don’t have so much control of yourself.

  • Misusing drugs can have a serious effect on your mental health and how mentally fit you feel everyday.
  • Smoking can lead to cancer and heart disease.
  • Solvents can cause blackouts,vomiting, heart problems and even instant death.
  • Some people get addicted to drugs and cigarettes, and can’t cope without them.

Worried about what you’re taking?

  • Ask yourself whether it’s because you feel it will make things seem better
  • Ask yourself whether it’s because your friends are doing it too.
  • Say no when you’re offered drugs, people will think more of you if you make your own choices.
  • Ask yourself if it’s because you feel addicted to a substance or drug
Below are many services or websites that can help you if you feel this has become a problem and want to get help.

Worried about a friend or parent?

  • Talk to them and try and get them to see they have a problem and find help.
  • Often people who take drugs or smoke don’t want to stop. Somebody has to want to change themselves – you can’t do it for them or make them.
  • Visit ADFAM who support anyone who is affected by somebody else’s substance misuse

If you think you may need to know with a friend or relative who’s having a bad reaction to a drug then Click here to be taken to the FRANK website where it is listed what you need to do in an emergency.


Below are different local and national services that can offer you support. They are a mixture of helplines, websites and places in your area that can help.

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