Causes of sleep problems

Poor sleep can make everyday tasks feel difficult . Sleep problems can develop for many reasons, such as growing old, medical reasons and due to anxiety and depression; and it is important to find out what may be causing them.

Reasons as to why your sleep pattern has changed or become disrupted:

  • Pain -  This can make dropping off to sleep and staying asleep, difficult. In addition, the frustration felt about the pain and the lack of sleep can further intensify the sleep problem.
  • Needing the toilet – Getting out of bed to go to toilet not only breaks sleep but can also prove diffiult when trying to get back off to sleep. Examples for needing the toilet:  becoming older, pregnancy, excessive alcohol use, diabetes, certain medications, underlying water infection and for many other reasons. It is worth speaking to your GP about any of the aforementioned.
  • Anxiety and worrying – This can make falling asleep difficult if we feel that our thoughts are racing. Look in the anxiety self help section for some tips on how to manage anxiety.
  • Depression and low mood – Can affect sleep in a variety of ways. Some people have diffculty dropping off. Whilst others may fall asleep easily but have difficulty staying asleep and may even experiencebouts of  broken sleep throughout the night. Others find that when their mood is low that they sleep extremely heavily and for long periods of time however describe feeling exhausted when they awake.

Click this link and be taken straight to the Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust self help guide for sleep.

Sleeping Problems

Self Help Guides produced by Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust  Titles cover a range of mental health issues. Some are available in a variety of  formats – audio, video, downloadable booklet. Some audio formats have a choice of a male or female narrator.



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