Problem solving approach to managing Anxiety

You may identify a certain problem that is contributing to your anxiety. If we interpret an unsolved problem and/or the consequences from an unsolved problem; we may feel under threat. This is when a problem solving approach is useful.

Lets say the problem is experiencing regular headaches, think of possible solutions to solve this,  such as:

Look at your diet/fluid intake

Visit your GP  or practice nurse and discuss any concerns

Assess current factors in your life such as stressful events, recent illness, eyesight difficulties, excessive PC use

Ensure i make time to relax and get enough sleep each night

Once you have listed possible solutions, pick the one that suits you best then put things in place to help you achieve this. Consider things like: who will i need to help with this? What is needed to be done and in what order? What may prevent me from achieving this and what would be plan B? Discussing this approach with friends and/or family can be beneficial too.

An example Problem Solving Worksheet can be viewed here.

Download the problem solving worksheet by clicking here  and complete with the problems you identify.


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