How can I cope when difficult things happen?


Most of the time our lives are full of good things to enjoy but there are times for all of us when life gets difficult. Difficulties that can happen are things like: moving school or where we live, facing exams,  falling out with friends,  living with domestic violence, parents splitting up or  someone close to us may die. What is important, when life gets hard, is to be able to cope and find ways to get through it.

Be confident that you can get through this and lots of young people do and the word for this is ‘resilience‘ – which means how we are able to cope when times get tough.

There are things you can do to make yourself feel better when you feel sad, stressed or angry. What works for one person may not be helpful for you because we are all different. Click this link to find out more about what can help you to feel better.

Sometimes, things that make everyday feel hard are completely out of your control. But there are things you can do so that these things don’t feel as upsetting . This doesn’t mean doing this on your own. You could start by confiding in someone you trust (friend/family member or someone at college/school). If that doesn’t work you could:

  • spend more time doing enjoyable things or things you are good at.
  • encourage your family and friends to do things that make you have fun when you are together, even if you are all feeling a little low or flat. This will help you to feel closer  to each other.
  • think about joining an activity-club in your neighbourhood – this will let you have fun safely, and may give you time away from stress at home or with friends. You may also make different friends who may be more supportive.

What if doing this doesn’t help?

If you try these ways of helping yourself and you still don’t feel any better, or your situation doesn’t get any better, it may be that it’s just too much for you to manage on your own and you may need some more help. This might mean help for you, help for your parents, or for the whole family and can be talked about with:


This website, called Choosing whats best for YOU,  has easy to understand information on different kinds of difficulties and where you can go for help.

Below are different local and national services that can offer you support. They are a mixture of helplines, websites and places in your area that can help.

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