Introduction to Anxiety

When we feel anxious it is because the flight or flight response has began. The fight or flight response is a series of physical reactions that happen automatically as part of our survival reaction as human beings.

This reaction is to help you if you was in danger from being hurt. If you was about to be attacked by a sabre toothed tiger, the threat of the attack would make your muscles tense – ready for action. Your heart would beat faster and you would breathe faster to carry blood and oxygen to your muscles and brain and to provide energy. You would sweat more to stop you body overheating and your mouth would become dry. You may feel you have butterflies and may feel you need to go to the toilet.
The fight or flight response is said to date back to the days of cavemen, and is present in animals who depend on it for their survival.

Most people experiencing anxiety symptoms are not in life threatening situations everyday like our ancestors; however, their bodies may react to everyday stresses (such as debts, bills, work pressures) as if they was being attacked by the sabre toothed tiger.


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