The Five Ways to Wellbeing

Take small, simple steps to wellbeing.

These five steps have been researched and developed by the New Economics Foundation

The underlying message, through the five ways, is that mental health and wellbeing is as important as physical health; feeling good is an important part of being healthy:

  1. Connect with others whether it is at home, work, school or within the local community. Taking the time to develop these relationships can enhance everday life.
  2. Be Active… ‘Healthy body, healthy mind’ finding something suitable for your level of fitness and most importantly, which you enjoy; anything from trampolining in the garden to walking to work.
  3. Take notice of the world around you. Noticing the simple things whilst going about your daily routine, such as a change in season or a piece of artwork and savouring the moment will help put things in perspective and allow you to be more appreciative.
  4. Keep learning trying something different such as learning a new instrument or language will set a challenge, increasing motivation and confidence.
  5.  Give do something nice for a friend or stranger…volunteer your time, help out in your local community. Putting your efforts towards a good cause can be incredibly rewarding.

Taken from 2020 Decade of Health and Wellbeing


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