Keep Safe Plan

At times, when you are having suicidal thoughts, it can be very difficult to think clearly, by being prepared for these thoughts and what actions to take if you have them, you can reduce the risk that you may act on those thoughts.

One way to do this is to create a ‘keep safe plan’, this is a simple plan you put together which compiles essential information, who you can speak to in times of crisis and useful numbers which can then be printed off and stored in a safe place.

Click here a for keep safe plan that has already been filled in This is to help you when filling out yours.

  • When this file opens, the second page may appear upside down on the page. This is only this way for people who want to double-side print this document and will not affect single sided printing.

This booklet is in PDF format using adobe reader. If you haven’t got this program please click on this link to download it for free.

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